August 2021 Newsletter

It’s been a while, but at long last I have a little news to share: events in August and September, cat pictures (because one can never have too many cat pictures), and some hints about what’s in the works. August 2021 Scappoose Centennial Celebration, August, 13 2021 Southwest Washington Writers Conference, September 10–11, 2021 Crossroad Kindle Deal What’s Next Critter Corner Scappoose Centennial Celebration When: August 13, 2021 Where: Heritage Park, Scappoose, Oregon...

Heat Death

In 1971, days before shipping out to Vietnam, a young Skin Kadash joins his best friend for a “so long to the world” blow-out at a cabin in the mountains, unaware they’re pawns in a murder plot.

Murder at the Beach

This collection is edited by Dana Cameron and features stories by Patricia Abbott, Al Abramson, Roger Angle, Craig Faustus Buck, Bill Cameron, Judith Cutler, Ray Daniel, Jeffery Deaver, Phillip DePoy, Sharon Fiffer, Delaney Green, Eldon Hughes, Tanis Mallow, Edward Marston, Krista Nave, Gigi Pandian.

Privacy Fence

In a darkly comic clash of neighbors over the height of a fence, the solution for one seems to be kidnapping . . . and possibly even murder.

Diaries of Misspent Youth

Three stories of youthful indiscretions . . . In “Yo, Karl,” a young man’s dark reputation controls his fate. In “The Soul of the Sea” a boy walks a beach full of wonder and despair. In “Best Served Cold,” a grim choice in the heat of the moment has lifelong consequences.

A Tall House

Desperate to see his sick mother who is quarantined upstairs in her room, a boy rebels against the overbearing housekeeper who has been keeping them apart. In the process, he discovers the grim secret behind his mother’s illness.

Deadly Treats

Edited by Anne Frasier, Deadly Treats features witches, zombies, vampires, food critics, crazy writers, dumb criminals, interfering ghosts, ex-cops, suburban housewives, and aliens.