Barlow County Sheriff’s Department

Hayward Turnbull, Sheriff


The Barlow County Sheriff’s Department is led by Sheriff Hayward Turnbull, a native of Barlow County and fifteen-year veteran of the FBI. The department office is located in the Sam Barlow Building in downtown Samuelton, Oregon.

Patrol and Investigation

Barlow County Sheriff’s Department Patrol is supervised by the chief deputy sheriff. There are currently five patrol deputies, two patrol corporals, one sergeant, three on-call deputies, and one resident deputy stationed in Pilchik. Deputies patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The department also performs policing duties for the city of Samuelton. At least one deputy is assigned to city patrol at all times.

The department’s investigative unit is lead by a detective supported by an on-call evidence specialist and the Barlow County Deputy Medical Examiner. We also work in partnership with multi-jurisdictional units, including the Quad-County Major ​Incident Team, the Multi-Disciplinary Child Abuse Team, the Sexual Assault Resource Team, and Central Oregon Drug Enforcement (C.O.D.E.)


The Barlow County Jail is located in a secure wing of the basement of the Sam Barlow Building. It is staffed around the clock by six corrections deputies commanded by one corrections corporal.


The Barlow County Sheriff’s Department Civil Division responds to all legal processes directed to the Sheriff, including, but not limited to: Writs of Execution (Real and Personal Property Sales), Forcible Entry Detainers/Evictions, notice, provisional and enforcement processes, and various other court orders/documents. The Division consists of a civilian manager and administrative technician. Patrol deputies serve all documents received. The civilian staff conducts all property sales.

Barlow County Facts

County Seat: Samuelton
Population: 15,617
Economy: Outdoor Recreation, Farming & Ranching, Timber
Natural Features: Lost Brother Butte, Palmer River, Freshwater Hot Springs
Destinations: Dryer Lake Resort

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