Waldo’s Gold

A Melisende Dulac Novella

Mar 31, 2023 | by W.H. Cameron, Fiction

Waldo's Gold by W.H. CameronWhen a grave at the Pioneer Cemetery is robbed practically under her nose, Melisende Dulac sets out to track down the perpetrator and, in the process, solve a century-old mystery.

This story takes place shortly after the events of Crossroad, and precedes the short story “Christmas Spirit.”

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About BCMystery

When not tending his chickens, BCMystery shapes unruly words into captivating people caught in harrowing situations. As Bill Cameron, his work includes the critically-acclaimed Skin Kadash mysteries and, as W.H. Cameron, the high desert mystery Crossroad. He’s presently at work on a historical mystery set on the Oregon coast.

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