Downloadable Resources

Handouts and Other Resources from Workshops and Talks

Below is a list of downloadable resources in PDF format from workshops and talks I’ve given over the years. These files are occasionally updated as I modify or expand them.

World Building for the Real World

World building isn’t just for science-fiction and fantasy. It’s just as important for fiction set in our everyday world. This presentation covers strategies and potential pitfalls when using the settings we know (or want to know) in our fiction.

Character Development Workshop

The characters we remember are messy, engaging, troubled, powerful, scary—you name it. Through a series of exercises, some individual and some in teams, you can explore a variety of techniques for creating characters that jump off the page and come to life in the minds and hearts of your readers.

Write What You Hate

This essay on one of my approaches to writing character was originally published in the Portland Book Review, September 2011.