Tillamook Bay

A Map of the Bay and Surrounding Areas Circa 1942

This map of the Tillamook Bay region of the Oregon Coast represents the setting for my current novel-in-progress. I offer it as a hint of what’s to come. [Notes]

Map of Tillamook Bay and Surrounding Areas in 1942

Map Notes

Like the novel, this rendering is is a work-in-progress. While it matches other maps of the period with what I hope is a fair degree of accuracy, I’ve added or modified a few elements specific to my story.

The landscape has changed in several significant ways since 1942, and not just in terms of human development. For example, the once thriving resort town of Bayocean was already being threatened by wind and tide during the period this map represents, having lost a number of homes and buildings to implacable erosion. In 1960, the last house was washed away. Today, the reshaped peninsula is a state park and wildlife refuge with no permanent human habitation.

This rendering is based on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tactical maps, combining portions of the 1942 Tillamook quadrangle with portions of the 1943 Nehalem quadrangle. A few details have also been taken from Metsker’s Atlas of Tillamook County, 1942. Though broadly adhering to the historical sources, this rendering includes modifications and additions not part of the original maps, and may also include errors introduced unwittingly. It is presented for entertainment in connection to fiction, published and unpublished, by Bill Cameron.