The Kadash Chronology

The Life and Times of Skin Kadash
August 1971

  • Heat Death, appears in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine
    In 1970 just before he ships out to Vietnam, Skin has his first real encounter with crime. It’s his origin story, but without radioactive spiders or toxic waste.

November 2004

  • Day One (early events)
    Set both during Skin’s days as a homicide detective and in the period after he retires, Skin finds himself entangled in a crime with roots going back years. Ruby Jane and Susan Mulvaney are part of the tale.

December 2006

  • Lost Dog
    While the focus of this story is Peter McKrall and his developing relationship with Ruby Jane Whittaker, Detective Skin Kadash makes his first appearance as in print one of two detectives investigating the series of murders in which Peter has become implicated.

Spring 2007

  • Bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment

July 2007

  • Chasing Smoke
    Skin Kadash’s first solo outing, with appearances by Ruby Jane Whittaker as well as his partner, Detective Susan Mulvaney.

August 2007

  • Cancer in remission

September 2007

  • The Missus (standalone short story featuring both Skin and Joey Getchie)
    Skin investigates the death of a woman at the hands of her foster son.

October 2007

  • Retires from the Portland Police Bureau

October 31, 2007

  • Sunlight Nocturne, appears in Deadly Treats
    Skin spends the day with his neighbor and her little boy as police pursue home invaders in a dramatic citywide chase.

November 2007

March 2008

  • The Last Ship, appears in West Coast Crime Wave
    Skin travels to the Oregon Coast to recover from the events of Day One and finds himself embroiled in strange local doings.

April-May 2008

  • County Line
    Skin seeks out the missing Ruby Jane, whose disappearance is tied to events which transpired twenty years previously. Peter McKrall returns to help in the search.

Summer 2008

  • Coffee, Black, appears in Portland Noir
    Now retired, Skin investigates vandalism at a Portland coffee shop with the help of Ruby Jane, and finds more than he bargained for.


  • Daisy and the Desperado, appears in Murder at the Beach: Bouchercon Anthology
    A comic tale of Skin Kadash’s investigation into the whacky goings-on at the house of a co-worker’s grandmother.


Other Key Dates in Skin’s Life

  • Born: October 12, 1953
  • Returns from Vietnam in February 1973, and serves 2-1/2 more years as an MP
  • Army discharge: October 1975
  • Attends Portland State University, graduating with a degree in criminology in 1980
  • Attends police academy, then joins the Portland Police Bureau in September 1980
  • Homicide detective: February 1999
  • Partners with Susan Mulvaney: February 2001

About BCMystery

When not tending his chickens, BCMystery shapes unruly words into captivating people caught in harrowing situations. As Bill Cameron, his work includes the critically-acclaimed Skin Kadash mysteries and, as W.H. Cameron, the high desert mystery Crossroad. He’s presently at work on a historical mystery set on the Oregon coast.