Heat Death

A Skin Kadash Story

"Heat Death" by Bill Cameron, appearing in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, July/August 2015Set in 1971, “Heat Death” visits Skin Kadash nearly two decades before he would be a homicide detective, even before he’s a cop. As a last hurrah before they leave for Army basic training, Skin and his longtime friend Tommy head to a cabin in the Canadian wilderness for a weekend of partying and hell-raising, only to see things take a violent turn. This is Skin in his larval form at a moment when the seeds of the man he would become were planted.

Originally publishing in the July/August 2015 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. “Heat Death” can be found on page 134.

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When not tending his chickens, BCMystery shapes unruly words into captivating people caught in harrowing situations. As Bill Cameron, his work includes the critically-acclaimed Skin Kadash mysteries and, as W.H. Cameron, the high desert mystery Crossroad. He’s presently at work on a historical mystery set on the Oregon coast.

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