Jul 15, 2008 | By Bill Cameron

A Visual Poem: MotionDistance is magic
– sometimes black,
sometimes white.
Sometimes a little of both.
I see this place
or that and I think,
I could be from there.
Lots of places. I build them up
in my mind. Mountains.
I like the sensation
of driving through mountains
late at night, light fog
clinging to the bare rocks,
patches of black ice on the road.
And forests.
I like the sun made green
by fir needles in the afternoon.
I walk through the trees
and in the distance,
through a break in the foliage,
I can see grey-green mountains.
And I like deserts,
especially deserts with mountains.
I see them far away when I think
of how many different places I’ve lived.

About BCMystery

When not tending his chickens, BCMystery shapes unruly words into captivating people caught in harrowing situations. As Bill Cameron, his work includes the critically-acclaimed Skin Kadash mysteries and, as W.H. Cameron, the high desert mystery Crossroad. He’s presently at work on a historical mystery set on the Oregon coast.

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